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This course is designed for healthcare professionals who wish to further educate themselves on the proper cable replacement procedure for the Rultract Skyhook Retractor System. The student will learn the proper steps necessary to replace the cable, and also identify when the system is in need of further repair by the manufacturer.

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4 Modules

This course is designed to give the student a deeper understanding of how the Rultract Skyhook Retractor System works, which surgical procedures the Rultract may be used, and proper cleaning and sterilization instructions. The student will also learn how to identify when the Rultract is in need of repair by the manufacturer.

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7 Modules

The course will provide an overview of the various types of universal stabilizer arms. The student will be able to identify the different styles, give examples of how the device is used in surgery, look for signs of wear that will require repair, and describe the proper cleaning sterilization and maintenance procedures based on the Instructions for Use.

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6 Modules

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