Jeffrey Sites

Trained as a veterinary technologist in clinical practice since 1972, Jeff was able to transition these skills from the veterinary realm to the human medical realm when given the position of Coordinator, Anesthesia Technology at Cleveland Metro General Hospital, and concurrent with the same position at Case Western Reserve University (same practice group). Alongside the management of the clinical services of the Division, Jeff was Laboratory manager for surgical research. He received training in surgical methodology, anesthesia management in multiple species. Jeff was also the liaison with both centers for administration and management of a $1.3M budget, as Coordinator under the Director, Anesthesiology of both institutions.

1982: Graduation with honors, Ohio State University, Circulation Technology (Perfusion, Life Support Technologies.

1986: Director Perfusion and Transplant Services, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, and Christ Hospital, Jewish Hospital, and St. Elizabeth Medical Center open heart programs