Philip Rullo

Phil Rullo, Sr., Philip’s father, developed the first Rultract Retractor in the mid-1960’s. Phil Sr. later formed Rultract 1985.

Since the late 1990’s Philip has taken the responsibilities of Vice President, General Manager Product Development and Implementation, and Clinical Education Director for Rultract Incorporated.
Philip specializes in the development and design of retraction systems on three dimensions. He focuses on the surgeons’ direct need for increased exposure while maintaining manageable recovery times post op.
With the assistance of manufacturing and engineering partner, Pemco Inc., Rultract works with a number of surgical teams to develop new products in an expedient and efficient manner.
Phil’s areas of expertise include:
Surgical research development, management and execution.
Clinical, technical and research support in clinical cardiothoracic surgery and medical device development;
Surgical research management for medical device development;
Troubleshooting clinical and technical issues with medical technologies (and customers)

Other specialties include:
Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery;
Basic and Applied research- from basic concept to clinical applications
Surgical Research coordination at all levels
Consultation in medical technologies
Proof-of-concept medical applications
Medical device prototyping and design capabilities